♥Dutch Kisses, Utrecht – The Netherlands (Commission)


Commissions are my favorite and always one of a kind. So if you’re interested in a unique SillystreetheartS just send me a message at sillystreethearts@outlook.com and we can discuss your idea!


  1. Marije Dijkstra

    I discovered sillystreethearts on instagram and was immediately impressed by the beautiful hearts she makes. One day she had a gift promotion: “a golden heart for whom you think deserves this” and I entered my girlfriend. In the dark of night we went to her house to secretly paste the heart. Later on I got the idea to also order a heart for our house and quite coincidentally Sillystreethearts was already working on the same idea I had! Silly is someone with a good heart, sweet and sociable, makes the world a bit happier and more beautiful with her work.

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