Who is Silly?

I started my streetart adventures on january the first of 2019, in the streets of Paris. There are a lot of awesome streetartists in the city of love, and a couple of them like to make streetsculptures. I loved the idea, and thought ‘Why not?’.


Two years later and around 60 hearts further I’m exploring new ideas. With theme’s like the 5 senses and all the countries I’ve travelled to. Still have só many projects to work on! Here are some highlights:

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One thing I love to do is to collaborate with other streetartists. Their creativity inspires and challenges me, and basically it’s just a lot of fun. From having a chat about an idea one or the other has to seeing the end result up on a wall, collabs are the best! I’ve done a couple of them with Dutch streetartists but since streetart is as worldwide spread as weeds I’ve also hooked up with artists from Germany, United States of America and France (…). Click here for some SillycollabS:

New SillyShop items!


I’m always having fun making new stuff for my SillyShop, but sometimes people ask me to make a very special heart, just for them. I absolutely LOVE these orders, because they are personal and it’s fun to work together to get a unique product. (So please don’t be shy, just send me a message and we’ll see what kind of fabulous heart we can create together!) Here are some of my favorite SillyspecialS so far:


  1. I’ve just opened the parcel! Wow! It is even better than I expected ❤️ The contrast of the colours is…

  2. Hoe toeval niet bestaat! Nadat SillystreetheartS bij ons in de pipokar aan het water geslapen hebben, was er een mooi…

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